Gymbox Cannabliss: we tried out the new CBD exercise class

This is not a yoga class, we are told as we sit on our mats. This is holistic, functional stretching. The sort of stuff we should all be doing more of if we work in an office. With one little addition, mentions the instructor: CBD oil.

You’ve probably seen the acronym CBD creep up more in your life, so a quick explainer: CBD is a cannabinoid, one of the many chemical compounds found in cannabis. CBD is an excellent anti-inflammatory, while fellow cannabinoid THC gets you high and has been bred to excess in many strains of weed nowadays. However, CBD is at its most effective with a little bit of THC, sort of like turmeric with a bit of pepper.

In Cannabliss, a new class from Gymbox, “exercises and stretches akin to a yin yoga class, as well as

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