Twisters, sealers, and giant buds: Pot expo shines light on future of cannabis

Take two steps inside the cannabis expo and it’s easy to get lost in the swath of green gadgets, gizmos, and elephant-sized machines.

The Lift and Co. Cannabis Expo has filled up the Vancouver Convention Centre in years past, but the 2019 event marks the first time it’s been held in the post-legalization era.

From industrial-sized trimmers to miniature greenhouses, there is no shortage of business ventures looking to cash in on the so-called “green rush.” 

If you ask Nick Pateras, enthusiasm for the budding industry is at an all-time high. “Everyone is vying for their slice of the pie,” said the Lift and Co. VP of Strategy.

But even he admits there’s only so many slices to go around.

Sebastian Bethell of the cannabis retailer Choom scouts out potential display cases for his stores. Among his search criteria: making sure the casing allows customers to smell

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