This Man Wants To Smash Diabetes With Cannabis Therapy

Now the former finance executive is on a mission to stamp out diabetes in some of the world’s worst-hit areas with a revolutionary marijuana treatment engineered by his private firm, Phoenix Life Sciences International.

Tindall was helping turnaround a business using his decades of experience in financial services and also coming to terms with the death of his own father when he had an awakening as to what medicinal cannabis was capable of.

“I would never have thought to get into the medical cannabis industry, it always just seemed like an excuse for people to get high,” he told Cannabis Law Report. “Then I saw someone with Stage 4 breast cancer end up in remission from cannabis-based therapy, someone else with skin cancer; kid after kid with seizures all being treated. There seemed so much more to it.”

Phoenix, headquartered in Denver, distributes medicinal cannabis products around the

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