Government Research Agency Admits that It Needs to Be Easier to Do Marijuana Research

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) is well known for its strong anti-marijuana stance, but now it’s turning a new leaf by acknowledging that there are simply too many roadblocks to perform good cannabis research.

Last month, a number of government agencies came together to discuss future guidances on performing cannabis research. While the workshop didn’t yield any massive legislative changes, it did show that some of the agencies most known for their opposition to cannabis legalization are starting to understand the severity of of the federal government’s blocks on research.

Among the representatives was NIDA research director Dr. Susan Weiss, whose presentation highlighted some of the country’s “cannabis research barriers.” Weiss noted that there is a “complex and lengthy registration process” that researchers must go through and once they are approved they only have a single choice of where they can source their cannabis from. She also criticized the “continuing Schedule

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