Buzz on the Bullboards: Investing Success in 2019?-FSDDF-V.ATE-V.TLT-T.TH-T.RNX

By any measure, 2018 was a tough year for Canadian small-cap investors. Not a single sector provided solid returns over the course of the year. With weakness and volatility in U.S. markets in Q4 spilling over into other markets, the final quarter was especially challenging with respect to investor ROI.

At the same time, even in those challenging conditions there were individual winners in 2018. For our first edition of Buzz on the Bullboards for 2019, we thought we would set two objectives:

  1. Identify some of the (small) pool of winners from last year.
  2. Report on where Stockhouse investors see the best prospects for gains in 2019.


Cannabis remains the sector of greatest interest for Stockhouse investors at present. Our end of the year edition for 2018 provided some of the spectacular numbers regarding StockhouseCloseCurlyQuote;s most-popular cannabis stocks. Improbably, valuations for Canadian cannabis companies tailed off badly toward the

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