After Other Options Fail, A Family Tries Medical Marijuana For Son With Autism

One November afternoon inside a raised ranch in Rhode Island, Kristal and Chris’ 13-year-old son was just getting home from school.

“How’s school?” Chris says.

“Bad!” Dylan says. He’s a skinny kid with glasses – still small enough for his mom to wrap him in a bear hug if he gets out of control.

He’s had a lot of bad days. Dylan’s parents review the daily reports his school sends home.

“So on this particularly day, he had 27 instances of property destruction,” Kristal says. “He had 25 incidences of aggression. He had only one self-injurious behavior, so that’s pretty low.”

Their son, Dylan, has an autism spectrum disorder. And his symptoms seem to defy treatment with traditional medicine. (To protect their son’s privacy, we’re not using the family’s last name.)

“You would think a lot of the medications he’s been on would tranquilize a horse,” Kristal says, ticking

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