‘My son was having 10 ‘knockout’ seizures a week. This is the only thing that’s made it stop.’

We first realised our son Cooper, six, had Epilepsy two years ago, most likely resulting from his chromosome deletion. Cooper faces many challenges daily as he learns to walk and talk and feed, but hands down his Epilepsy has been his worst hurdle to date. We’ve tried an array of traditional medications over the years but with very little success.

Throughout our trial of the various medications, he was still having a lot of seizures. Most of the seizures were what we call ‘knockouts’, where he would go stiff and stare vacantly for 60 to 90 seconds. After these seizures it was like he had jogged a marathon, Coop would sleep for up to five hours. He was averaging about 10 of these a week and sometimes two to three a day.

We tried everything, hoping for some miracle – nothing worked, not even the strongest

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