Medical Marijuana? Senate President Says Not Without a Study

FRANKFORT- There has been new fire lit in Frankfort surrounding medical marijuana–but Senate President Robert Stivers isn’t on board just yet. 

While there has been enthusiasm surrounding medical marijuana after a Republican sponsored bill was filed in the House, in the Senate it could have a hard time even being heard. President Stivers says he needs to see evidence of the medicinal qualities of cannabis before he’ll allow it to be heard in committee. 

“Show me the three-tier studies where there is control groups that say there is medicinal or therapeutic values to the use of marijuana,” he said. “I think it really needs to be studied, because the studies that are out there tell you carcinogens in marijuana are 150 percent greater than that which is in tobacco. An ophthalmologist called me and said we have drugs that are better for glaucoma and reducing the pressure and don’t have the half life as

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