Israel: Beyond the Horizon of Unrestricted Cannabis Research

I’m walking down the street in Florentin, an artsy corner of beachy south Tel Aviv, wearing a T-shirt that reads “Mishtelet Yisrael” — or “the Israeli Plantation” in Hebrew. A pot leaf is laid over the well-known logo for the Israeli police force, Mishteret Yisrael, just one letter different. Israel’s pro-legalization political party Ale Yarok(“Green Leaf”) designed the parody.

A duo of street musicians notice my shirt and stop me to offer a few hits from their joint. They’re drumming on upside-down trash cans and rapping. As we shoot the sh*t, we start chatting about weed and cannabis prohibition vis-à-vis Israel’s pioneering advancements in the field of marijuana science.

The Knesset, Israel’s parliament, only recently passed a tepid decriminalization policy. This is notwithstanding the fact that 27 percent

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