MS News that Caught My Eye: Stem Cell Trial, Medical Marijuana, Myelin Repair, Tysabri

Stem Cell Treatment Benefits Three-fourths of MS Patients in Phase 1 Trial

This is encouraging news for MS patients hoping to see some action in the stem cell area. A Phase 1 mesenchymal stem cell trial is reporting positive results, and a Phase 2 trial is underway in New York. Finally, it seems as if the wheel is turning toward the day when some sort of stem cell treatment will be approved in the U.S. — or at least, we can hope.

A stem cell treatment improved the neurological symptoms of three-fourths of the multiple sclerosis patients in a Phase 1 clinical trial, New York researchers reported.

The results prompted the team at the Tisch MS Research Center of New York to start a Phase 2 trial to further assess the therapy’s safety and effectiveness.


Clinicians Who Prescribe Cannabis Should

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