The new marijuana judgement and how cannabis influences your sleep

The use of cannabis has become an increasingly popular topic of discussion following its legalisation for personal use in South Africa.

Research on how cannabis affects sleep started as far back as the 1970s, with a resurgence in interest toward the mid-2010s, said Chadley Kemp, a sleep scientist at the Sports Science Institute of South Africa.

“Up until now, our understanding of cannabis has become even better understood following advances in medical research. Despite relaxed laws on this once-banned drug, it is important to know the facts regarding the potential risks and benefits of cannabis use on sleep.”

Cannabis and cannabinoids

Cannabis the drug (also known as marijuana, among many other names) refers to the psychoactive agent of the cannabis plant, explained Kemp.

Cannabis may be derived from different source plants, including the sativa and indica species, and is broadly used for medical and recreational purposes.

Cannabinoids are the active compounds found within

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