Study: Marijuana smoke exposure unsafe for youths | Central MO Breaking News

An American Academy of Pediatrics study found about half a group of hospitalized children in Colorado, which allows use of marijuana for recreational purposes, whose parents enrolled in a smoking cessation program tested positive for marijuana exposure.

The study, posted online early last week, determined co-use of tobacco and marijuana in the state could expose children to harmful effects of both.

The results of the study come as Missouri prepares for implementation of its new medical marijuana law. The new law, which goes into effect Dec. 6, establishes a timeline for the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services to implement the new program.

In Missouri, marijuana will be legal for treatment of symptoms associated with cancer; epilepsy; glaucoma; intractable migraines (those persistent migraines that don’t respond to other treatments); chronic medical conditions that cause severe, persistent pain or persistent muscle spasms, including, but not limited to those associated with multiple sclerosis, seizures,

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