Koios mapping human brain to study impact of CBD

Koios Beverage Corp. recently announced the Company will be initiating a clinical study into the impact of CBD on the human brain.



Koios is already conducting a clinical trial on the impact of its nootropic supplements on the human brain, and released preliminary results on Oct. 9, 2018. Koios beverages and supplements contain a proprietary formula of nootropic, brain-enhancing nutrients.

The trial involved mapping the activity of the brain before and after subjects consumed Koios nootropic supplements. Full clinical brain scans on Koios users show changes in brain activity in three main areas, all of which indicate improved cognitive function.

“The findings, although preliminary, are better than we could have expected,” said Chris Miller, CEO of the Company. “Changes in the type of brain activity that we are seeing between the baseline that was mapped at the start of the study, and the effect on participants after several months of consuming our beverages, could

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