How To Keep Your Cannabis Oil Fresh

Getting the maximum benefits from your CBD oil requires storing it properly. How can you tell if yours has gone bad? Let’s look at the shelf life, optimum storage conditions and tell-tale signs of when your oil has expired.

What Is CBD Oil?
CBD oil is oil extracted from hemp or cannabis plants that contains only the non-psychoactive cannabinoid known as CBD or cannabidiol. Used topically for pain relief and skin care, or ingested medicinally as a treatment for anxiety, insomnia and addiction, uses for this “superfood” are seemingly growing by the day. CBD oils usually have a carrier such as olive or coconut oils, grain alcohol or cocoa butter. When properly made, the shelf life of these products is years or more.

Perishability will vary based on what product you have, so check first for a “best-by” or expiration date. If making infusions at home, keep in mind the ingredients used

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