Better Marijuana Stock: Aurora Cannabis vs. KushCo Holdings

Aurora Cannabis (NYSE:ACB) and KushCo Holdings (NASDAQOTH:KSHB) are two marijuana stocks that are about as different as night and day. Aurora claims a market cap of more than $5.7 billion and produces cannabis for the Canadian recreational and medical marijuana markets and international medical marijuana markets. KushCo’s market cap is less than $460 million. The company provides packaging solutions primarily for the U.S. cannabis industry.

The performances of these two marijuana stocks have also been very different so far in 2018. Aurora’s share price has plunged, while KushCo stock has generated a big year-to-date gain. But which of these two stocks is the better pick now?

Image source: Getty Images.

The case for Aurora Cannabis

If you think that the global marijuana market is going to grow tremendously and that the biggest current players in the market are most likely to thrive, Aurora Cannabis is a stock to

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