Weekly Weed News Roundup: Hemp Is Almost Legal; New Study Says Vaping Gets You Higher

This week, Michigan will become the tenth U.S. state to allow adults to grow and possess cannabis for personal use. Legal pot sales may still be two years away, though, because state regulators still have to draft the necessary regulations before the business licensing process can begin. 

But while Michigan residents wait for local retail stores to open, farmers across the country may soon be able to legally plant cannabis crops for the first time in almost a century. Senate leadership has confirmed that the final version of this year’s Farm Bill includes language that will legalize industrial hemp and all of its extracts, including CBD.

As more states legalize, it is becoming easier for scientists to research this once-demonized plant, and the body of cannabis research is expanding on a daily basis. A new study released last week has found that vaping marijuana can produce a stronger high than smoking

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