Washington’s First-Ever Cannabis Research Lab Goes Live

Jessica Tonani didn’t set out to be a cannabis evangelist. A friend recommended she try medical marijuana to alleviate a gastrointestinal disorder, and after she found it helped stimulate her appetite and reduce nausea, other patients began asking for tips.

At the time, Tonani was at a loss.

“I told my physician, he talked to other physicians, and a lot of people were calling me for advice,” she recalled. “But I didn’t have any answers for people.”

Some who contacted her had found success with cannabis in the past but then couldn’t replicate the same effects. “I had people tell me, ‘I haven’t been able to enjoy dinner out with my family [before trying cannabis], but the next time I did, it didn’t work,’” Tonani said. “They were crying to me and asking, ‘How do I find the same thing?’”

Tonani, now the CEO of Verda

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