Parents discuss how medical cannabis oil helps their kids

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – Sami Gregg-Montella’s son has austism, cerebral palsy, seizure disorder and ulcerative colitis. He’s 21 years old now, but has been on medications since he was four.

“We were put in a position where pharmaceutical meds let us down, started him on CBD oil, and he’s had tremendous positive results from CBD,” said Gregg-Montella.

She’s sharing her story to other parents and the public at an event hosted by Virginia NORML and Cannabis Commonwealth at New Realm Brewery. It was a place where everyone could openly talk about the ways medical cannabis helps their children with medical conditions.

A new Virginia law that went into effect this year allows doctors to recommend medical cannabis oil as a treatment for any condition. Previously, doctors could only suggest it as a treatment for intractable epilepsy.

“Just a few doses of medicinal cannabis helps to decrease the number of seizures, which will

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