Counterfeit Weed Vape Cartridges Are Flooding Black Markets

As the legalization of recreational marijuana spreads across the United States, weed enthusiasts in prohibition states who rely on the black market have also enjoyed a premium selection of branded cannabis products, especially a wider variety of cannabis concentrates sold in pre-filled disposable cartridges. Some of the legal industry’s leading companies have made significant advancements in extraction techniques which have improved the quality of concentrates and made vaping the preferred method for on-the-go consumption. In states where marijuana is still illegal, cartridge concentrates are popular thanks to their relative lack of smell and resemblance to cartridges containing nicotine. Branded cartridges from major industry leaders like King Pen, Brass Knuckles and Heavy Hitters are particularly coveted for the assumed assurance that they contain a premium concentrate free of contaminants like pesticides, cutting agents, and heavy metals. But

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