Ballito cannabis-oil shops exploit ‘gray area’ of law

Like mushrooms after the rain, cannabis shops are popping up on the Dolphin Coast after the constitutional court overturned the ban of domestic cannabis use recently.

While it has been legalised for adults to grow and use cannabis (dagga) for personal use at home, selling it remains illegal.

Yet, medical cannabis oils, creams and tinctures are selling like hotcakes.

At last week’s launch of Holistic Releaf in Ballito, the owner of this medical marijuana dispensary chain, Krithi Thaver, said they are legally licensed to trade as traditional healers.

His first shop is in Durban North.

Dr Regina Hurley and Krithi Thaver.

“According to the Traditional Health Practitioners Act, a traditional healer is allowed to prescribe cannabis. It falls under their indigenous plant system.

“We work with traditional healers countrywide who produce our medicines and we assist them to get them tested to ensure its safe for

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