Anti-Cannabis Study About the Costs of Legalizing Marijuana Doesn’t Actually Calculate the Costs of Legalizing Marijuana

Many anti-marijuana advocates are citing a study about the supposed costs of legalizing marijuana in Colorado as proof that legalization is a bad idea. There’s just one problem: the study they are citing is widely flawed.

Reason did a takedown on a study by Colorado Christian University’s Centennial Institute about the costs of legalizing marijuana in Colorado. While there are many flaws Reason points out, the biggest issue they note is that the study doesn’t actually show how costs have increased since marijuana legalization.

For instance, the study claims that marijuana causes people to become lazy and physically inactive. They then say that this adds an additional $54,833,218 in healthcare costs for physically inactive people who use marijuana. But Reason points out that the study doesn’t delve into whether this would be different without marijuana. Perhaps all those physically inactive stoners would still be physically inactive stoners even if marijuana was

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