Medical marijuana trend slow to take off in Finland

Lkekannabista on kytetty kliinisess tutkimuksessa syp sairastavien hoidossa Australian Sydneyss Royal Prince Alfred -sairaalassa 5. joulukuu 2016. Lkrit ovat kutsuneet syppotilaan osaksi maailman ensimmist tutkimusta, jossa lkekannabista kytetn kemoterapiassa ehkisemn hoidon aiheuttamaa pahoinvointia ja oksentelua.
Medical cannabis pills used in a pilot to treat cancer sufferers in Australia.


Cannabis – also known as marijuana – has long been tightly controlled and regulated by governments around the world, including in Finland. However, recent research in the pharmaceutical and medical sectors suggests that some strains are safe for medicinal purposes and for the treatment of a number of conditions.

In Finland the cannabinoid CBD, which is aidely thought to have therapeutic properties, is only currently available in one product – Sativex® oral spray – as a

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