Columbia Care Launches Study to Prove Medical Benefits of Cannabis

Indoor, outdoor, greenhouse or a combination: Outdoor

Can you share a bit of your background and how you and your company got to the present day?

Nikki Lastreto: We’ve been involved in the cannabis world for many, many years—in fact, decades now. Swami grew its first crop in 1978. We moved up here to Mendocino County in 2000 and we got our land in 2003. It’s just a very, very special piece of land with a lot of flat space on it up in the mountains, with our own private valley. It’s the perfect place to grow cannabis. You could not find a better place in the world.

Swami: We’ve also traveled around the world to many, many of the cannabis-culture countries—Nepal, India, Afghanistan, all the way into Thailand, Mexico, Colombia and so on. So, we really have seen cannabis cultivation all over the world and sampled it, of course, all over the

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