Made-in-Canada data offers promise for shedding light on cannabis experience at home

When it comes to cannabis-related studies, there’s really no shortage of research “out there.” Out there means on the Internet, of course, where one can find studies and expert voices of pretty much every ilk, on pretty much every topic associated with cannabis.

From how cannabis use can help fight the opioid epidemic to how regular use is linked to increased sex drive and the connection between consumption and how people walk—it’s all out there. (And yes, the point about walking is from a real study—cannabis seems to be associated with changes to walking gait. The good news for users, though, is that researchers found “gait changes are not of a magnitude that is clinically detectable.”)



The findings of one study that some Canadians found particularly interesting were just released in September 2018. Conducted by Kadence International, a global research company that covers multiple locations and sectors, the study

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