Can cannabis help with opioid addiction?

A company that has a massive marijuana greenhouse in Delta has made a commitment to help address B.C.’s opioid crisis with marijuana.

Canopy Growth Corp. announced that Dr. MJ Milloy, a recognized leader in the field of epidemiology, will be the first Canopy Growth professor of cannabis science at UBC. Initially, this professorship will lead clinical trials to explore the role cannabis can play in helping people struggling with opioid use, the company explains.

Canopy is providing a $2.5-million grant and another $500,000 will come from the B.C. government.

Milloy’s research will contribute to an emerging body of evidence suggesting that cannabis can have a positive impact on the well-being of people with opioid use disorder, the company says.

“The therapeutic benefits of cannabis are only just beginning to be understood. Early research has shown that it could have a stabilizing impact for people with opioid use disorder, improving their quality of life and

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