Cannabis-based oil, used to treat seizures, focus first university trial at UMMC

Researchers at the UM School of Pharmacy are teaming with UMMC to conduct the clinical trial of a marijuana-derived anti-seizure drug.

Over four years after Gov. Phil Bryant signed Harper Grace’s Law, allowing clinical trials of a specific marijuana-derived drug, the University of Mississippi Medical Center announced Thursday that those trials had begun.

Several agencies, including the FDA and the DEA, signed off on the study of cannabidiol—or CBD, as it’s known.

The trial, which will study the effect of cannabidiol—or CBD, as it’s known—on children with severe epilepsy, is the very first university-based clinical trial of a cannabis extract to meet federal standards. The agencies that had to sign off on the trial before it could start include the Food and Drug Administration, the Internal Review Board and the Drug Enforcement Administration.

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