Ascent Industries Corp hails progress in cannabis research …

Ascent Industries Corp (CSE: ASNT) updated on its cannabis research with the Simon Fraser University, saying a number of exciting discoveries have been made.

The work is being undertaken by subsidiary Agrima Botanicals Corp and the university’s plant biologist Dr. Zamir K. Punja.

Among highlight achievements are the identification of pathogens and molds affecting cannabis plants and DNA fingerprinting approaches for identification of cannabis strains used in production.

Tissue culture methods have been developed that provide Ascent and its partners access to disease-free starting material from meristems and axillary buds in commercial scale volumes.

A DNA-based testing kit to distinguish male plants from female plants that was an outcome from this collaborative research is also currently on the market.

“In addition to strengthening our Intellectual Property (IP) portfolio, this project allows Ascent to develop and implement scientifically driven strategies to reduce crop loss risk and ensure batches of the highest quality by mitigating the impact

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