Study: Cannabis Users at Increased Risk for Diabetic Complications

A new study has shown that people with Type I Diabetes are about twice as likely to experience a complication known as diabetic ketoacidosis when using cannabis, the CBC reports.

While other research has shown that cannabis can be helpful in treating symptoms of Type II diabetes — the variety of diabetes that is linked to obesity and often develops later in life — the plant’s effects on Type I diabetes are not as well investigated.

Researchers surveyed 450 patients with Type I diabetes who were being treated at Barbara Davis Center for Diabetes in Colorado. 30 percent of those surveyed used cannabis — that population showed elevated blood sugar as a whole.

While risk factors varied, the cannabis-using patients were generally younger, less educated, and also in lower income brackets. Researchers admit that many other factors may be at play, including access to healthcare, but urge caution when

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