First Post-Legalization Cannabis Study Provides Early Insights About Cannabis Consumers and the Impact of …

Calgarians are very positive about cannabis from an economic perspective, but concerned about potential health and safety impacts

CALGARY, Alberta, Nov. 06, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Insights Matter and Cannabiz Social administered an online survey with 432 adult Calgarians in order to understand behaviors and attitudes when it comes to cannabis and cannabis legalization. This highly focused study was the first of its kind in Calgary since legalization. The study explored brand awareness for licensed producers, shopping behavior online and in-store, the importance of “locally grown,” and the perceived impacts of cannabis legalization on Albertans.

“We learned that Calgarians are positive about the impact of cannabis legalization when it comes to the Alberta economy. They believe that this has the potential to be extremely positive for job creation and economic diversification, and for the economy in general,” said Insights Matter President, Dr. Derek Blair. “We also learned that Calgarians

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