Darts champ Bobby George: ‘Incredible’ cannabis oil saved my dogs from brink of DEATH

“Medically it is an amazing drug”

Darts champ Bobby George on the medicinal benefits of cannabis

“Now you can stroke him, he runs about, he stretches his back on the lawn,” the darts champ said.  

“It is an incredible bit of kit.” 

Bobby, who is also a darts TV presenter, has also been administering CBD to another one of his six terriers, Cash, after discovering a lump on his front leg. 

He told the Mirror: “A vet warned they would have to operate if it got any bigger, as it could have been cancerous. 

“We rubbed CBD and coconut oil into him and in two and a half weeks it’s gone,” says Bobby. 

“Medically it is an amazing drug.”

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