Texas farmers market favorite debuts edible CBD cannabis oil goods

Matt Dixon, co-owner of the craft, small-batch, ethically sourced caramel brand Wildflower Caramel Company, was working at the company’s Pearl Farmers Market booth in San Antonio one morning when a customer approached him with an idea: Why not enhance the caramels by adding CBD to a batch?

Dixon had already been using CBD oil (or cannabidiol, a nonintoxicating compound found in the cannabis plant) himself and had also been giving it to his 14-year-old beagle for epilepsy.

“A light bulb clicked on,” Dixon says. “We could have a whole new business platform just by taking what we’re already good at and adding one ingredient.”

Two weeks later, Matt and wife, Elyn, launched Flora Fortitude, an artisanal CBD company selling caramels crafted from their already successful recipe and cold brew using Shotgun House Coffee Roasters coffee beans.

Like Wildflower, Flora’s products are decidedly contemporary. Take a look at the Flora and Fortitude ... read more at: http://austin.culturemap.com/news/restaurants-bars/11-05-18-flora-fortitude-cbd-oil-caramel-cold-brew-edible