The LaCroix of cannabis? The marijuana market bets on beverages

Recess plans to partner with offices, cafes, coffee shops, and fast casual restaurants, in addition to natural grocery stores this year. The first market, unsurprisingly, is New York, “where people are the most stressed and wired and need it most,” says Witte.

Mood33, meanwhile, is rolling out in 4,000 dispensaries in California (where recreational pot became legal in January), starting in Los Angeles and the Bay Area. The company includes several industry alums, including Errol Schweizer (former Whole Foods VP of grocery), Mark Edwards (MillerCoors former digital director), and Jeremy Adams (GT’s Living Foods former head of marketing).

[Photo: courtesy of Mood33]

The team at Mood33 is intent on packaging and marketing a product that could rebrand cannabis from this “plant in a plastic baggie,” says Schnell, to something stores would display on grocery store shelves—or consumers would leave on their kitchen

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