Hope for Asseel (4) after consultant allows medicinal cannabis oil trial

Asseel Osman suffers from cerebral palsy and has daily epileptic seizures which can be as frequent as every seven minutes. He is one of the only children in Ireland to be completely bed bound as he is unable to sit upright.

His parents Zara and Mahad launched a campaign last week to get the HSE to provide Asseel with cannabis oil, saying without it his body will deteriorate to the extent he will never have any comfort or quality of life. Mahad travelled to see Asseel’s consultant, Dr David Webb at Tallaght Hospital on Wednesday with a copy of his local newspaper and spoke of his frustrations with the doctor.

Asseel had an ECG and Mahad and Zara had been waiting months for the results, adding to their frustration.

Expressing concern that the only reason his seriously ill son was being deprived cannabis oil was due to the cost –

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