Giving up marijuana improves memory in just one week, study shows

According to a recently study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, if you stop smoking marijuana, your memory will improve. Real shocker here from the science community, folks!

88 teenagers and young people from Boston were recruited for the study, and offered 62 of them money to stop smoking marijuana for 30 days. Of those 62, 55 abstained for the full month, while the remaining seven probably thought they were suuuuper cooool by lying to the good folks at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, where the test was held.

The 55 saintly individuals who didn’t smoke were monitored as MJ-Abst, or marijuana abstinent. The 26 who continued to smoke marijuana (and the seven rascals who defied the medical community with their flagrant disregard to the law) were monitored as MJ-Mon, which sounds like it could be a Jamaican DJ, but in fact stands for ‘Marijuana Monitored’, which

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