Study shows marijuana could affect memory. What do you think?

COLUMBUS, Ohio – As Ohio employers decide whether their policies should accommodate workers who need medical marijuana, a new study shows adolescents and young adults who abstain from cannabis for a month have improved memory.

The Massachusetts General Hospital study, published in the latest issue of the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, will likely be referenced among Ohio employers and educators as medical marijuana hits the market, which could be soon.

“It’s a good study,” said Gary Wenk, an Ohio State University Behavioral Neuroscience professor. ” It contributes a small amount of information.”

And its conclusions are consistent with previous research that shows young people’s brains are developing and they should not consume marijuana, said Wenk, who is a member of the Ohio Medical Marijuana Advisory Committee, which receives updates on the state’s program.

What the study doesn’t show, Wenk said, is differences in the amount of

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