Cannabis On The Ballot: What Researchers Think You Should Know

Voters will go to the polls Tuesday to determine whether several states will legalize marijuana for medical or recreational uses, even as the federal government maintains it is an illegal drug to possess, grow, buy or sell.

That federal status makes it hard to study marijuana’s effects directly, through clinical trials and other kinds of research.

But several University of Michigan researchers have studied the effects of marijuana, also called cannabis, and looked at evidence from other researchers.

Here’s what they say:

Impacts on the brain: Meghan Martz, Ph.D.

Martz, a research psychologist in the U-M Addiction Center and Department of Psychiatry, and former research team member at the U-M Institute for Social Research, looks at the impact of long-term marijuana use on the brain, and patterns of marijuana use on populations.

She was first author of a 2016 paper in JAMA that found that those who had used

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