Can cannabis put you on path to better health? – The Spokesman

Joe is an ordinary guy. And Joe is a smoker.

He doesn’t want to smoke. He’s read the government statistics that say he’s among nearly 38 million Americans who smoke and that the habit causes some 480,000 deaths a year.

He’s tried to stop, and he’s failed.

But there may be hope, and that hope may come in the form of cannabis.

At least that was a thesis put forth in 2013 by a team of British researchers. In a study conducted at University College London, the team – part of the university’s Clinical Psychopharmacology Unit – asked participants to use CBD (or cannabidiol) inhalers whenever they felt the urge to smoke.

Cannabidiol, it should be noted, is the major non-psychoactive ingredient of cannabis sativa, the plant from which marijuana is derived.

While trial subjects who were given placebos ended up smoking the same number of cigarettes a week, those treated with CBD reduced

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