Mother says cannabis oil has been saviour for epileptic son Alfie

Sitting in the lounge at his home, dipping crisps into mayonnaise and listening to Lady Gaga, Alfie Dingley is a picture of serenity and childlike joy. The seven-year-old had up to 500 life-threatening seizures a month before he began treatment with a type of cannabis oil that could not be prescribed until today. Now, he lives a relatively normal life.

“He’s doing fantastically well,” says Hannah Deacon, his mother and tireless campaigner who waged a public battle to save her son’s life. “He hasn’t had a seizure since he began taking the full leaf oil again.”

Prior to beginning his current medicine, Alfie – who lives with an extremely rare type of treatment-resistant epilepsy – was on steroids likely to give him psychosis and consign him to a premature death. He still suffered seizures, rarely attended school and could not pursue his hobbies. Although cannabis oil is no

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