GB Sciences Sponsors "2018 Innovation In Medical Cannabis Therapies" Symposium

The primary objective of this symposium is to challenge conventional ways of thinking about medical cannabis from within the cannabis industry. Panels will explore developing better medical cannabis products through innovations in cultivation, extraction, and drug-delivery technologies; along with the essential supporting scientific and clinical research advances necessary to transform medical cannabis products from alternative use to mainstream medical products.

GB Sciences has invited top international and domestic researchers; as well as business leaders and legislators to address the following topics:

Novel Cannabis-based Drug Discovery will be led by Dr. Helen Turner, Vice President of Innovation and Dean of the Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics at Chaminade University. She is joined by Dr. Norbert Kaminski from Michigan State University, who has studied cannabinoids for 22 years, discovered immune system expression of cannabinoid receptors, and has served on the recent National Academy of Sciences Study on the

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