Too many bureaucratic hurdles for cannabis research – Regina Leader

We’ve lost many years of potentially important research on the use of cannabis as medicine because of polarized views of the “weed” among researchers, policymakers and the general public.

On one side, there are those who see cannabis as a dangerous psychoactive drug that should be prohibited. On the other, there are those who view cannabis as a panacea with the potential to treat every disease and condition known to humankind.

So now that cannabis is legal to smoke, will bureaucratic hurdles still make it hard to study? It’s time to remove the barriers to cannabis research. There’s still too much we don’t know — both potential benefits and risks.

Cannabis has some promising medicinal properties and its use as a possible anti-convulsive has a long history. New research from my colleagues and myself indicates why it may be effective.

Cannabis originated in the Himalayas and was first cultivated in China for seed and fiber

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