Study: Pot impairs teens’ memory

Teens and young adults who lay off marijuana for a month can expect to see improvements in memory function, according to a new study from Massachusetts General Hospital.

“Adolescents learn better when they are not using cannabis,” said Dr. Randi Schuster, director of neuropsychology at Mass. General’s Center for Addiction Medicine and lead author of the study.

Schuster said the good news is that “at least some of the deficits associated with cannabis use are not permanent and actually improve pretty quickly after cannabis use stops.”

The study, which was published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, shows that one month of abstinence from cannabis resulted in memory improvement in teens and young adults who were regular cannabis users. The participants of the study, all from the Boston area, used cannabis ranging from once a week to once a day.

Schuster said this makes the study unique and shows that even using

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