How battling mum won right to give medical cannabis oil to her epileptic son

Brave mum Hannah Deacon battled for her son Alfie to be granted medical cannabis oil as a way of treating his severe epilepsy.

Without it, Alfie, seven, has to be pumped full of so many steroids that his neurologist said he risked death or being sectioned due to the drugs turning him psychotic.

Hannah took him for cannabis oil trials in Holland and brought back conclusive evidence that it could help Alfie – and she finally got the all-clear to use it from Home Secretary Sajid Javid.

Alfie Dingley, who has epilepsy, and his mum Hannah Deacon
(Image: Hannah Deacon / Alfie’s Hope)

As a result, cannabis oil will be prescribable on the NHS from November 1, 2018.

But the Kenilworth mum believes a lot more needs to be done to educate doctors as to its safety and benefits – and she’s speaking at an Epilepsy Action event

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