Cannabis Consumption Has A Greater Impact On The Adolescent Brain Than Alcohol, Suggests New Research

Smoking too much weed might be worse for the adolescent brain than drinking, according to a new study.

The study out of the University of Montreal that looked at the drinking and smoking habits of nearly 4,000 teens around Montreal found that increased cannabis consumption has greater affects than that of alcohol. In particular, increased cannabis use seems to harm things like recall memory, perceptual reasoning, inhibition, and working memory to a greater degree than drinking.

“Over and above the effect of being prone to cannabis use during adolescence, when increases in cannabis use frequency were observed in a given year, reductions in delayed recall memory and perceptual reasoning were observed in that same year, and these effects were independent of any changes in alcohol quantity and frequency,” the authors wrote.

The group of students were given a self evaluation each year for four years on how much cannabis and alcohol

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