Study Finds Cannabis Is Worse For Teens’ Brains Than Alcohol

The legalization of cannabis is clearly building momentum in the U.S and in Canada, which is the first G-7 country to legalize marijuana for recreational use. 

Obviously, cannabis will still be illegal for minors in Canada, as it is in all U.S. states that have legalized it for adults. Still, a new study exploring the effects of the drug on teenagers’ developing brains serves as an important reminder to policymakers. The analysis found the short- and long-term impact of cannabis on teens’ working memory, reasoning and habit-breaking abilities was worse than that of alcohol. The study was published in the American Journal of Psychiatry.

“We were a little surprised by the findings,” said the study’s lead author, Patricia Conrod. “When we had initially designed the study, which is almost 10 years ago, we had actually expected alcohol to have a bigger effect on cognitive development, because at

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