Miracle-Gro to Operate Cannabis Research Facility in Kelowna

It’s no secret that the amount of electricity required for cannabis cultivation—particularly in an indoor environment—can lead to large amounts of energy usage and costly energy bills.

“As lights come on, your HVAC systems also turn on to try and lower the radiant heat from the grow lights. This battle can be expensive,” says Nick Earls, cannabis specialist for Wadsworth Control Systems, a provider of greenhouse automation systems.

But while lighting, HVAC and climate control systems are the biggest energy users, there are ways to reduce their electricity usage.

The Cannabis Conservancy, for example, specializes in making cultivation facilities more energy efficient and has developed standards for sustainable cultivation, as well as its own sustainability certification, according to Jacob Policzer, the company’s director of science and strategy.

Here, Policzer and Earls offer advice for cultivators looking to reduce their electricity usage to improve sustainability and save money on energy costs.


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