‘Women have been saying it works for 10000 years’: 400 women will use marijuana-infused inserts in a …

As cannabis products enter the mainstream, two markets remain largely untapped: women’s health and sexuality.

While various compounds in cannabis have long been thought to alleviate symptoms associated with pain and stress from menstruation, there hasn’t been a lot of research to back it up.

Foria Wellness, a startup based in Venice Beach, California, is seeking to change that. It released a line of products — including lotions, sprays, vaporizer pens, and marijuana suppositories — designed to help women with everything from treating menstrual pain to having orgasms.

While Foria’s Relief product has been nicknamed a “weed tampon,” it’s not exactly that. Rather than a cotton device, it’s a suppository pill that when inserted into the body quickly gets absorbed.

“Women have been saying it works for 10,000 years,” Foria CEO Mathew Gerson told Business Insider in

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