New Cannabis Tech Boosting Industry And Providing A Better User Experience

Photo Credit: Getty Electronic cigarette and cartridges.

Ancient Egyptians heated herbs and oils on hot stones to create potent vapors they could inhale. Today, the fastest-growing segment in cannabis is the old-fashioned vaporizer, but the high-tech 21st-century version is vastly different from those humble hot rocks — and it’s helping create new markets for cannabis.

As the legal cannabis market matures, it’s driving advances in how users consume it. In fact, the quickly evolving market is forcing producers to adapt to changing expectations and consumers’ increasingly developed palates. Many producers are turning to technology to meet those demands, as well as to expand their customer bases.

“Vaping” takes its name from the aerosol produced by heating oil until a vapor is released. Today’s vapes include e-cigarettes, vape pens and advanced personal vaporizers (known as “mods”). In the cannabis world, vape cartridges are filled with cannabis oil

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