Canada-Bound Shipment of Cannabis Oil Leaves Jamaican Ports

A large shipment of cannabis oil leaves Jamaican ports bound for Canada with less than ten days away from the northern nation’s legalization of recreational marijuana.


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The Caribbean company, Timeless Herbal Care, is behind the latest shipment, which is said to be Canada’s first ever export consignment medicinal cannabis from Jamaica and will be tested and analyzed by Ottawan health authorities.

As of October 17, the sale of recreational marijuana will be legal in Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced in June after a 52-29 vote supporting the motion passed the Senate.

“The shipment marks the first step in positioning Jamaica as the medical marijuana hub for the world,” said Timeless Herbal Care CEO, Courtney Betty.

“We think that, with the shortage of medical cannabis in Canada, Jamaica is going to be a great option. We’ve built our company on a model over the

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