Ex-Playboy Bunny risks JAIL for using illegal cannabis oil to treat brain tumour

The brunette initially pinned her hopes on legal CBD oil for six months as a “preventer” in a bid to stop the cancer returning. 

She admitted she experienced some side effects including “brain fog, dizziness, reduced sympathetic nervous system, weakness and an increased heart rate”. 

But she added: “I’d take this feeling over chemo and radiotherapy any day.” 

Kerri has also reportedly sought advice from cannabis activist Callie Blackwell, who credits the drug for saving her cancer-stricken son Deryn’s life. 

It has been claimed that cannabis oil can help to relieve symptoms linked to Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease and MS. 

But cancer charity Macmillan warned of the possible side effects, including “increased heart rate, dizziness, hallucinations and paranoia”. 

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