Congress Advances Medical Cannabis Research Act, Expands Pool of Pot Cultivators

A House committee has greenlit a new bill that would force the Department of Justice to expand the pool of government-sanctioned cannabis growers, with aims to provide ample amounts of high-quality pot for scientific and medical research. 

The government currently allows the University of Mississippi to grow cannabis for research purposes, but the quality of weed produced by this institution is so appallingly low that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will not even accept clinical trials that utilize the schwag. 

In 2016, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) began accepting applications for additional growers, but Attorney General Jeff Sessions has sat on these applications, despite over a dozen letters from legislators urging him to take action on the issue.

This spring, Rep. Matt Gaetz proposed the Medical Cannabis Research Act in order to force Sessions’ hand. The bill, which now has 40 co-sponsors, would increase the

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